It has been two weeks since the fires began.  November is a week away.  Across northern California, recovery has begun, both harvest and wine-making continues, and we carry on.  Unfortunately, the frightening images of raging fires roaring through neighborhoods remain on the minds of many would-be visitors.  What is our busiest season has come to a complete halt.  We have staff ready to welcome guests, but they have cancelled their visits because of the uncertainty of the fires.

I think all of Napa would agree with me, asking that you consider coming to visit.  This is the view from the middle of  Silverado Trail on Saturday afternoon.  It is empty!  On a Saturday afternoon in October?  Unbelievable.

The fire damage in Napa is on the hillsides; the towns and the valley floor were untouched.  Fires came down the hill to the edge of Silverado Trail in several places, and they crept close to Route 29 in Oakville and Rutherford.  But only four wineries, among over 500, were severely damaged.  Now, more than ever, would be a good time to visit, or at the least, enjoy a glass of Napa’s fine wines.  And if you call them right now, I do believe you could even get a seat at French Laundry tonight!