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October 2015 – A Stirring Conclusion to Early Harvest

October 2015 – A Stirring Conclusion to Early Harvest

Can you believe it?  Columbus Day and pumpkins galore are right around the corner.  This year, we will be completed with harvest before the holiday that bids summer farewell.  It’s true that we started the 2015 growing season early and therefore expected to probably end early too, but this is Read More…

September 2015 – Harvest Happens!

If its September, it must be harvest – Napa actually began harvesting grapes for the sparkling wine houses in July.  One of the earliest harvests in the last fifty years, it’s worth remembering that it began with an early bud-break this warm, very dry spring.  The relatively even summer temperatures Read More…

August 2015 – Harvest on the Horizon

It‘s hot hot hot – just right for August.  Unfortunately, some of the HOT is due to the concern about recent fires nearby.  On July 22, the Wragg fire, believed to have started by a car accident, quickly began sending up dark grey plumes one valley east of us, near Read More…

July 2015 Summer has arrived with the Best of Napa RED!

The 2015 California State Fair handed out their awards last week, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Many BELL fans know we don’t send our wines out for review except the few retrospectives we participate in through Napa Valley Vintners.  In general, we’ve always felt that giving one person the Read More…

June 2015 Summer is almost HERE

Hay bales have appeared on the field next door so hold onto your hat – June is here, and summer always goes so quickly!  We have the big bottling of all our 2013 reds coming up, which will certainly keep us busy, and immediately after bottling, attention heightens in the Read More…


June 2015 Summer is almost HERE

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June 2015 Summer is almost HERE

Award-Winning Bell Wines

Results are in! – 2014 already has some awards worth sharing. Our 2009 Syrah got a gold and Top of Class from San Antonio Stock & Rodeo, and a gold from Houston Rodeo & Livestock. The 2010 Cabernet Claret also came up gold in Houston. A British publication, Decanter Magazine, Read More…


Sandra and Anthony are fortunate to host numerous wine dinners and wine events around the country. Ranging from top rated restaurants to country clubs to neighborhood restaurants, each managed by talented chefs with a dedicated staff, each event presents a unique opportunity to see how a particular chef sees their food paired with our wines.

From these experiences, we have either selected specific recipes from the chef, or created our version of a recipe, to pair with our wines. We invite you to try one of our recipes with the suggested wine. View Recipes »