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2017 is a wrap, 2018 on the horizon

2017 is a wrap, 2018 on the horizon

As I watch faded leaves fall from the oak above the office window, and think about this year about to end, I have to conclude that it has been one of the most challenging we have faced in the 20 years here at BELL.  The weather alone kept us continually Read More…

Napa approaches November without Visitors

It has been two weeks since the fires began.  November is a week away.  Across northern California, recovery has begun, both harvest and wine-making continues, and we carry on.  Unfortunately, the frightening images of raging fires roaring through neighborhoods remain on the minds of many would-be visitors.  What is our Read More…

Grapes are Coming In – HARVEST

Harvest has begun in Napa, the culmination of a vintage year of unusual weather.  Our drenching rains of winter refilled aquifers and then some.  Flooding in Napa downtown has been a news staple for many generations.  But the recently completed work on utilizing acres of lowlands at the south end Read More…

Harvest Starts in the Vineyard

To review, in January, February, March we experienced biblical levels of wet – parts of Napa got almost as much rain as the last three years combined.  This was followed by a mostly chilly, damp, foggy spring.  No clear weather pattern developed; we swerved from nice and warm one week, Read More…

Bordeaux opens its doors to Napa

Napa has long used the wines of Bordeaux as a measure of quality, a goal, a definition of style.  And why not?  Bordeaux has two thousand years of wine production, reaching back to the days of the Roman empire and it’s thirsty citizens in the first century AD.  The middle Read More…


Bordeaux opens its doors to Napa

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Bordeaux opens its doors to Napa

Award Winning BELL wines!

Some of our annual competitions have started publishing their results – The Houston Rodeo “Uncorked” 2017, The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition 2016, The Harvest Challenge 2016 – as well as Wine Enthusiast and Decanter magazines.  Here’s the latest! 2013 Clone Six, Cabernet sauvignon 91 points, San Francisco Chronicle Wine Read More…


Sandra and Anthony are fortunate to host numerous wine dinners and wine events around the country. Ranging from top rated restaurants to country clubs to neighborhood restaurants, each managed by talented chefs with a dedicated staff, each event presents a unique opportunity to see how a particular chef sees their food paired with our wines.

From these experiences, we have either selected specific recipes from the chef, or created our version of a recipe, to pair with our wines. We invite you to try one of our recipes with the suggested wine. View Recipes »