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December 2014

December 2014

The Sun Stand Still at SOLSTICE 2014 Welcome the sun back – the vineyard was absolutely sparkling this morning.  Soon our days will become longer, heralding a new year for the vines.  Yountville has had almost 20 inches of rain so far, a wonderful bounce back from last year’s 16 Read More…

December RAIN

We’ve had RAIN – the little bit of accumulated wet from the last several weeks has made a big difference.  Cover crops in the vineyards are popping up bright green between the vines and on the winery driveway I noticed clumps of brilliant mustard, all because recent storms left a Read More…

November 2014

  Am I the only one lamenting the diminishing daylight?  Month by month, our light has flattened out low over the southern horizon and slowly reduced the size of its arc.  The front picnic area no longer has any sun after 11AM as the winery roof now shades what used Read More…

Post Harvest Power Washing at BELL

Our newest wines have made it through initial fermentation and are taking their first of several long naps in barrel – ahhh, the wonders of beauty sleep.  While they snooze through a secondary fermentation that changes acid structure, we’re taking the opportunity to rid the tank room of the accumulated Read More…

October 2014

October 2014 has not been like most Octobers, and that’s not a bad thing!  No wringing our hands about potential storms swooping in off the Pacific this year!  All of our grapes came in early, with our last load arriving at the cellar door on the 6th.  I can’t recall Read More…


October 2014

Latest Reviews

October 2014

Award-Winning Bell Wines

Results are in! – 2014 already has some awards worth sharing. Our 2009 Syrah got a gold and Top of Class from San Antonio Stock & Rodeo, and a gold from Houston Rodeo & Livestock. The 2010 Cabernet Claret also came up gold in Houston. A British publication, Decanter Magazine, Read More…


Sandra and Anthony are fortunate to host numerous wine dinners and wine events around the country. Ranging from top rated restaurants to country clubs to neighborhood restaurants, each managed by talented chefs with a dedicated staff, each event presents a unique opportunity to see how a particular chef sees their food paired with our wines.

From these experiences, we have either selected specific recipes from the chef, or created our version of a recipe, to pair with our wines. We invite you to try one of our recipes with the suggested wine. View Recipes »