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2016 Harvest is a Wrap!  Holidays are almost here!

2016 Harvest is a Wrap! Holidays are almost here!

Our first, drenching October storm is behind us, leaving one and a half inches of rain in Napa, twice as much in St. Helena.  We’ve wrapped up bringing in the fruit, and now all the action is inside the winery.  Over the last five years, we’ve gradually added new vineyards Read More…

Harvest is Happening!

It’s happening!  Harvest report from BELL Our Sauvignon blanc is in the cellar and is almost completely dry.  10% of the wine is in barrels, including a new one designed expressly for Sauvignon blanc, with a very narrow shape that is about 8 inches longer than our usual Bordeaux barrels.  Read More…

Harvest on the Horizon

Harvest is indeed around the corner, as veraison in the Merlot can attest to.  Chris Stewart, our newest member added to the cellar staff, and Aikaterini, our harvest intern from Greece, sampled the fruit in our Sauvignon blanc vineyard this week and found sugar levels exceeding 16 brix.  Next week, Read More…

Early Summer in Napa Valley

The early summer growing season is in full swing now – Chardonnay berries are the size of   peas and the Merlot, always a bit behind, is about the size of BB shot.  This week, we’ve had some typical summer weather.  Heavy fog in the early morning, gradually clearing by noon, Read More…

Spring, Bottling and Budbreak in Napa Valley

We bottle tomorrow and the crush pad is stacked with cases of empty bottles, huge plastic sacks of corks and the capsules that cover them, as well as the bottle labels.  The long semi that houses the mobile bottling line arrives today.  We’ll sanitize hoses, get the pumps set up Read More…


Spring, Bottling and Budbreak in Napa Valley

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Spring, Bottling and Budbreak in Napa Valley

Award-Winning Bell Wines

Results are in! – 2014 already has some awards worth sharing. Our 2009 Syrah got a gold and Top of Class from San Antonio Stock & Rodeo, and a gold from Houston Rodeo & Livestock. The 2010 Cabernet Claret also came up gold in Houston. A British publication, Decanter Magazine, Read More…


Sandra and Anthony are fortunate to host numerous wine dinners and wine events around the country. Ranging from top rated restaurants to country clubs to neighborhood restaurants, each managed by talented chefs with a dedicated staff, each event presents a unique opportunity to see how a particular chef sees their food paired with our wines.

From these experiences, we have either selected specific recipes from the chef, or created our version of a recipe, to pair with our wines. We invite you to try one of our recipes with the suggested wine. View Recipes »